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Kiwanis Flag Program

The Kiwanis Flag Program delivers a pre-mounted 3' x 5 ' American flag on each of the major national holidays, picks it up when the holiday is over, and then stores it until the next holiday.


Fly it proudly, knowing that all proceeds from the Kiwanis Flag program help fund child and family-focused programs in Dallas, including:

  • Dallas ISD school food pantries

  • The Boys & Girls Club of East Dallas

  • The White Rock Y

  • Woodrow Wilson High School and Harmony Science Academy student leadership programs. 

  • Scholarships for qualified high school sophomores and seniors

The Kiwanis Club of Lakewood, Dallas, traces its roots back to 1943.  We're an all-volunteer organization with clubs around the world, dedicated to one goal: helping the children in our community.

How It Works

1.  Complete the form below to let us know you're interested in displaying a flag outside your home.

2.  You'll get an email confirmation and payment options.

3.  We'll install the in-ground sleeve where the flag pole will sit, near the curb.  (Note: The position is standardized because it looks more impressive when viewed from the street).  You do not have to be home when we install the in-ground sleeve.

4.  Prior to each of the major holidays, we'll deliver and install your flag.

5.  Once the holiday has passed, we'll pick up the flag and store it until the next holiday.

6.  We'll renew and confirm your membership unless you choose to opt-out.  It's totally up to you.

7.  To make timely delivery easier, we want to keep the flag program area to the Lakewood area of East Dallas, email us with questions at

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Kiwanis Club of Lakewood, Dallas

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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